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Established in 1994, Mellon is a leading multinational group with offices in Central and SE Europe, Cyprus, Turkey and Algeria. For over two decades, we have been leading the way in technology and outsourcing.

We work seamlessly as one organization offering our clients the same quality of service, wherever they are based. The group maintains a matrix structure, which enables all of the group’s companies to take advantage of a centralized pool of specialized skills and know-how.


At Mellon, we don’t just offer solutions and services; our holistic approach delivers real value and transforms the business of our clients by facilitating customer interactions and transactions, improving their operational efficiency and boosting their competitiveness.

Technology Solutions

Mellon represents leading vendors, such as Ingenico, Gemalto, Diebold-Nixdorf, Thales, Genesys, Fiserv and Nemo-Q and offers value-added technical support and customized software solutions that shape the payments landscape

Contact Centre Services

Mellon is a top omnichannel customer experience provider covering both inbound and outbound campaigns in three key areas: collections, telemarketing and customer support, along eith a wide range of complementary services.

Business Process Management Services

Mellon offers BPM services that draw from specialized know-how, processes, expert human resources and cutting-edge technologies to meet the ever changing needs of various industries including telecommunications, financial institutions, insurance and retail.

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Our Employees

In recognition of the fact that human resources are the cornerstone of the success of any company, we have created an environment that allows employees to develop professionally and personally. As a result of our innovative labour policy, our Group has won distinctions at the Best Work Places Hellas competition for two consecutive years (2007 and 2008), and is among the 20 companies with the best working environment.

Aiming at being a “model” company with respect to the work environment, we have applied a labour policy according to which:

  • We cultivate a working environment that is suitable for the professional and personal development of employees;
  • We inspire mutual respect, honesty and trust between the Group’s employees;
  • We implement a lifelong learning and skill development model for our staff, by organising seminars and training programmes;
  • We design individual “career paths” that allow all employees to undertake positions of higher responsibility in the future;
  • We adopt equal opportunity policies at all levels (selection, hiring, promotion etc);
  • We observe flexible working hours for female employees;
  • We employ persons from underprivileged groups;
  • We participate in initiatives that ensure equal opportunities at work;
  • We maintain a blood bank for Mellon employees and their 1st degree relatives;
  • We carry out seminars and training programmes;
  • We organize entertainment events and activities that strengthen the bonds between employees and the Group

Corporate Social Responsibility

Being an entity that is closely linked with society, Mellon aims not only at expanding and developing its business activity but also at expressing its corporate social responsibility in practice, thus making a significant contribution to the resolution of social and environmental problems. Therefore:

  • It adds value to the broader natural, structured and human environment in which it pursues its business activities;
  • It acts in the interests of society, through continuous investment and by utilising local resources;
  • It applies practices that contribute to the development of a powerful spirit of corporate social responsibility.

The main areas on which we focus our social responsibility activities are The Environment, Local Communities and Children, our Employees, and Culture and Sports.

The Environment

With a strong feeling of corporate social responsibility and in accordance with our environmental policy, we contribute to the mitigation of ecological problems by designing and applying a set of actions that help to preserve natural resources, save energy and develop environmental awareness.  The principles governing our environmental policy are put into practice as follows:

  • We design and apply practices aimed at the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources;
  • We contribute to the mitigation of environmental pollution;
  • We safeguard natural resources;
  • We save energy through the management of materials, products and waste;
  • We participate in organised recycling activities;
  • We operate with a sense of responsibility;
  • We encourage individual and collective initiatives supporting the actions of environmental non profit-making organisations.

Supporting nonprofit initiatives

For us at Mellon, the best way to align our corporate orientation with societal expectations is to capitalize on our competencies as an organization and as individuals, in a way that offers value to our wider natural, structured and human environment.

For this purpose we offer our call centers to support nonprofit initiatives and rallies, as for example, we have done in the past for the project 'My Town with a Bicycle' and the rally ‘Solidarity Observatory’ of the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation –Greece’s National Radio and Television.

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