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Γιώργος Τσίρος
Γιώργος Τσίρος Sr. Performance Marketing Manager @ adjust

George Tsiros is as a performance-digital marketer, strongly believing in all-things-digital. He started his journey in digital marketing as a Search & Performance Marketing Executive at Reprise Media (IPG Mediabrands). Currently, he is a Sr. Performance Marketing Manager at Adjust, specializing in SEM, Display, Video & Mobile advertising, Paid Social, as well as Search Engine Optimization, creating digital strategies that help clients reach their goals & KPIs, grow and make the next step in the digital world. His passion for travel & tourism led him to the UK and the University of Surrey, where he completed his MSc in International Tourism Management, while he has also lived and studied in Antwerp, Belgium as an Erasmus student, when completing his BSc at Athens University of Economics & Business in the Department of Management Science & Technology.

Τι θα αναλύσουμε στα sessions αυτά:

Τι είναι το GDN, ποια είναι τα Ad Formats και τι επιλογές έχουμε για στόχευση του κοινού μας;

Ποια είναι τα GDN Camapign Types; Τι άλλες επιλογές για διαφήμισεις έχουμε και πως στήνουμε τελικά ένα GDN Campaign;

Πως δημιουργούμε κανάλι στο YouTube και πως στήνουμε μία Διαφημιστική καμπάνια;

YouTube Ads Case Study & Assignment for the Project

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