Beyond Bargaining: Crafting Successful Win-Win Career Negotiations

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This speech is designed to shift perceptions of negotiation from confrontational bargaining to an opportunity for collaborative growth. We’ll explore practical strategies to prepare for, engage in, and successfully navigate negotiations with current or future employers. By focusing on win-win outcomes, we aim to equip you with the skills necessary to articulate your value, understand your employer’s needs, and create agreements that advance your career while supporting organizational goals.


Δημήτρης Κλεφτάκης, Global President & Managing Partner Greece @AIMS International

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Dimitris comes from the Management Consulting industry where he held various managerial roles and was engaged in projects in the fields of Corporate and Project Finance, Debt Restructuring, Corporate Re-organization and Business Development.

He has worked in several business sectors and gained in-depth knowledge of the business models and the key value drivers in these sectors. He has studied Economics and holds an MSc. in Economic and Business Strategy from the University of Piraeus, Greece. He joined AIMS International Hellas in 2016 as a Partner. In June 2018 he has been elected as Member of the Executive Board of AIMS International, responsible for the region of Eastern Europe and Eurasia and in September 2021 he became the Executive VP of AIMS International for Europe, Middle East and Afrcia (EMEA).

In June 2022, during the AGM in Madrid, Spain, Dimitris has been elected as the new Global President of AIMS International and he is currently serving this role together with his local role as Managing Partner in AIMS International Hellas. Furthermore, Dimitris is a proud member of the Financial and Professional Services Global Practice and the Industrial Global Practice of AIMS International.