10K LATER: Unboring the mobility industry with TikTok

Τι θα μάθουμε:

It was 2019 when instacar changed everything that people knew about car leasing. It was clear that this innovative model couldn’t and shouldn’t be promoted and communicated in a traditional way. For this reason the in-house marketing team always works in a disruptive way with a big goal: To make the leasing industry fun and instacar to become a love brand. Many viral and humorous posts have been created during this journey and now instacar tries to conquer the world of TikTok.

In this workshop we’ll see how a car leasing brand can organically gain 10.000 followers by producing fun car content, while facing various challenges and restrictions. Prepare your creative ideas because together we’ll try to find the next trending TikTok videos.



Άρης Σωτηρέλης, Content Marketing Manager @ Instacar

Δημήτρης Καλαϊτζής, Head Of Marketing @ Instacar

Ποιoι είναι ο Άρης & ο Δημήτρης;

Aris is an advocate of creative ideas in an era written by ChatGPT… Because even if advertising is
considered “dead” by many, some people have to act like creativity zombies!

Dimitris is Head of Marketing at Instacar, and the company's resident food connoisseur. He’s been in the marketing game for over 8 years and knows how to cook up some seriously tasty campaigns. But don’t let his expertise fool you – Dimitris is as humble as they come. When he’s not brainstorming new ways to take over the world, you can find him exploring new restaurants and perfecting his latest recipe.
Thanks ChatGPT – Dimitris