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Software Engineer - Web Development


Software Engineer - Web Development

Full Time

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location_iconAthens, Greece

when_icon 30-06-2018

when_icon 2018-06-13

info iconBasic information

We are a company of academics and engineers offering specialised blockchain technology solutions, based in Athens, Greece. Our team offers enterprise consulting services, assisting corporations in the finance, supply-chain, insurance, and energy sectors. At SignedBlock, we also conduct cryptocurrency algorithmic trading research and develop trading strategies and algorithms in a closed invite-only setting. We build capabilities at all levels, educating management and technical personnel in understanding blockchain both at a business and managerial level as well as at an in-depth technical level.

We're looking for a moderately experienced software engineer and web developer to help us with building and delivering web services for internal use as well as for clients. You'll be working with the rest of the team to build web services that integrate with blockchain backends, understand smart contracts, and interact with the decentralized economy.

job description iconJob Description

Main Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining and developing promotional material on our company website at signedblock.com.
  • Developing web-based services for internal use by our algorithmic trading team such as websites where graphs and statistics can be viewed and analyzed.
  • Developing the web platform for our internal cryptocurrency index where statistics can be viewed and analyzed.
  • Designing and building websites for consulting clients, focusing on clear and usable front-end experiences.
  • Working with our backend teams to connect the web services with blockchains and smart contracts.

The benefits that we offer to all of our members:

  • A competitive salary.
  • A salary comparable to the rest of the market in your physical location. If you live in an expensive city, you can expect a higher compensation.
  • Monetary bonuses payable in cryptocurrency.
  • Flexible work hours.
  • A cozy office. You can work from Athens or come visit us and have a nice desk and chair, a spacious monitor, a thoughtfully designed work environment, and plenty of fun distractions when you're looking for some – and none if you aren't.
  • A nice team. We have a team of sharp, motivated and playful people that you can learn from. We have people from many walks of life who have worked in big corporate environments in the past, are currently pursuing PhDs in cryptography and blockchains, have hobbies in aerospace engineering, are at the same time professional artists, or are running triathlons in their spare time.  
  • Free books. We'll buy you any book you like, whether it's related to your work or not. We love reading and learning.
  • Transparency. We're a small group and most of our discussions and decisions are shared with everyone to the extend that we can. We try to be transparent with the strategic decisions of our company, our salaries, and the team's finances. We're not secretive with our members.
  • Learn during work time. If you need to learn something for your work, whether it's immediately related to what you're currently doing or it's reading a book on blockchains, cryptography, or software engineering, you can count studying as part of your work hours and get paid for it.
  • Travel often. If you enjoy traveling the world, we often sponsor conference attendance as well as business trips around the globe, both for personal development reasons as well as team bonding. Joining is optional; all you have to do is say the word!
  • Friday team drinks when you're in Athens!
job requirements iconBasic Requirements

dot_iconAn illustrative GitHub portfolio

dot_iconProfessional knowledge of at least one programming language.

dot_iconGood experience with Javascript and node.js.

dot_iconExceptional skills with react.js.

dot_iconExperience with some CSS framework.

dot_iconPursuing or having completed a Computer Science or related degree, or equivalent professional experience.

good to have iconGood to have

dot_iconHaving completed at least one end product used in production systems. Please include a link to your projects so that we can take a look!

dot_iconExperience with Docker / Kubernetes is a plus.