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OCM Digital Media

JavaScript Developer

Full Time


location_iconAthens, Athens, Greece

when_icon 2022-01-09

salary_icon -

info iconBasic Information

Let us introduce ourselves before we dig deeper into the job description.

OCM is one of the leading Digital Media companies in Europe. We specialize in our clients' income boost with several cutting edge technologies, either in-house, or with solid partnerships. As one of the few Google Certified Publishing Partners and, recently, a proud member of Prebid.org, we thrive in the Ad Tech industry building a solid future for the members of our team.

job description iconResponsibilities

You will be working mainly on OCM's JavaScript-driven services.

Some examples are:

  • Nodejs running on Cloud Functions and Cloud Run

         These functions work along the whole ecosystem of GCP, interacting with MemoryStore Redis instances,                         BigQuery tables, PubSub messaging, Firestore datasets, other Cloud Functions written in Python etc.

  • ES6 JavaScript (using either webpack, or browserify) for usage on our publishers' websites, to supply our wonderful services
  • Advanced Ad Serving
  • DOM manipulation

This may look brief, but trust us, it's not. Behind your code, lay several other dependencies that need to be addressed (updated, maintained etc.) on a daily basis. Especially now that we are contributing directly to prebid.org, there is a lot to be done, not only for OCM, but the whole ecosystem.

Our work is organized with tools like:

  • Slack
  • Gitkraken
  • Wrike task management
  • Zendesk
job description iconBenefits


  • Competitive salary, increasing based on experience and delivered results
  • Performance Bonus
  • Flexible schedule (you still need to get the work done of course)
  • You can enjoy every day quality coffee, fresh fruit, Kit-Kats and a new Notebook when you work from our offices in Athens or our HQ in London
  • Paid Training & Development on multiple platforms
job requirements iconBasic Requirements

The must haves for any candidate are:

  • Relevant work experience with JavaScript
  • At least 2 years of work experience in web development position(s)
  • Excellent knowledge of JavaScript principles
  • Experience in usage of the googletag library (Google Ad Manager ad serving)
  • Keyboard master
  • Team player
  • Keyboard master
  • Know when you are wrong
  • Know when you are right
  • Keyboard master (we can't stress this enough)
  • Never trust a npm package 100%
  • Know your async
  • Make promises happen
  • Uglified code must look prettier to your eyes
  • Experience with Expressjs / Axios / Webpack / Browserify
  • CORS, you dig?
  • Know your SQL
  • Sharp eye for DOM elements and their nature (HTML structure, CSS attributes, bound JS events). We do a lot of hands-on work on our clients' websites and this is a must-have.
good to have iconGood to have
  • Knowledge or work experience on vue.js
  • Know what Header Bidding is and how prebid is setup and how it works
  • Docker experience is a big plus (our Cloud Run implementations demand this knowledge)
  • Experience in GCP tools or similar (PubSub, MemoryStore, Firestore, Cloud Functions, Cloud Run, BigQuery etc.)
  • You have taken several lines of your code through Webpack/Browserify + uglify (with async/await principle) and successfully served to a browser near you
  • Experience in browser automation (hi Puppeteer!)
  • Be an active gamer or, at least, past active gamer!