1. Digital Marketing Assistant

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Digital Marketing Assistant

Voluntary Work


location_iconAthens, Athens, Greece

when_icon 2020-07-03

salary_icon -

info iconBasic Information

Are you an aspiring Digital Marketing Intern looking for an opportunity to advance your skills and career in a great working environment? TheHappyAct is seeking a motivated, energetic and highly creative Digital Marketing Intern to join our growing team. The intern will gain visibility into the inner workings and aspects of this field, learn from top to bottom and be responsible for managing and developing our digital and social resources, thus aiding in communicating our cause as effectively as possible. The position for the internship is a non paid one. 

job description iconResponsibilities
  • Creating and curating of engaging content for the organization’s website
  • Administration of the organization’s website  
  • Close collaboration with the marketing team, so as to develop a successful web content strategy
  • Developing mail campaigns to facilitate communication of our functions and achieve the widest reach possible
  • Collaboration with the social media team in order to develop content, tailored to the specific features of each social media platform  
  • Assisting in administrative duties
  • Monitoring of statistical data (Google analytics, mail campaign analytics)
  • Keeping up to date about new social media trends and adapting accordingly  
  • Aiding in educating other members, regarding the correct and optimal use of the website
job description iconBenefits
  • Getting involved with one of the most promising Social Start-Ups in Greece 
  • Cultivating the ability to work creatively and unconventionally 
  • Gaining valuable experience through having the opportunity to perform many different job functions and move outside of a strict set of job responsibilities 
  • Getting in touch with various businesses in Greece
  • Participating in big projects
job requirements iconBasic Requirements
  • Knowledge of Analytics
  • Knowledge of Digital Marketing
  • Eagerness to learn along with professional drive
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • In-depth knowledge of various social media platforms
  • Efficient user of MS Office
  • Excellent time management
  • Passion and true interest in the digital marketing industry and its best practices
  • Collaborative spirit and commitment to working as a team
  • Being able to let one’s mind fly to the distant land of creativity