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Our Mission

Our Mission is pretty simple, we want to give young adults the media to access inspiring career opportunities and make great next generation talent accessible to every company. Our vision is, to place the best talents to the most targeted job openings that will enhance their personal and professional growth! Our goal is to bridge the gap between students/graduates and businesses & help them achieve a perfect match. This will happen by giving each side the appropriate knowledge, information, and tools that will help them make the right decisions.

Our Mission
Our Story

Our Story

CollegeLink began as part-time project in order to tackle a problem that we ourselves faced as we graduated from our Bachelor. After graduation we found ourselves trapped in a feeling of chaos and uncertainty about our next steps and the way we were supposed to find our first job. So, we asked ourselves what did we need for this effort and that is when the idea of CollegeLink was born. We thought that CollegeLink – a Job Board dedicated to Entry-Level Jobs & Internships – would be a great solution to this problem. After 4 years of hard work from our end, it’s pretty great to see it working and thriving. Every young adult placed at a great job is an assurance that our efforts are being utilized for the right cause!


The Team

Meet our small team that make your dreams come true.

Yannis Imelos
Yannis Imelos Co-Founder / CEO

Experienced Digital & Ecommerce consultant with a people centered approach.

Stefanos Alkidis
Stefanos Alkidis Co-Founder / CCO

A results-driven professional who enjoys knowing that his work and life have a positive impact on others.

Valerios Chatzigeorgiou
Valerios Chatzigeorgiou Head of Product Development

Enjoys surrounding himself with people who have the same passion for their goals.

Elisavet Malo
Elisavet Malo Marketing & Growth Specialist

She loves travelling, meeting different cultures and new people. Although sometimes she enjoys just sitting in bed binge-watching series.

Michail-Angelos Mavromatakis
Michail-Angelos Mavromatakis Lead Developer

Sports Fan. Pleasant individual, with great sense of humor. A team oriented personality, very willing to help other people.

Anastasia Karagkiozoglou
Anastasia Karagkiozoglou Recruitment Solutions Specialist

People-oriented professional who aims to help others meet their career goals. At the end of the day, I do my best in order to help companies build awesome teams, and awesome people to make the career move they deserve!

Katerina Iliopoulou
Katerina Iliopoulou Business Development Specialist

She always seeks both her professional & personal development through her work. Communicating with people is her strong asset.

Panagiotis Kartezinis
Panagiotis Kartezinis Recruitment Solutions Analyst

A keen eye for innovative ideas and profit. Likes to get involved with different work sectors, but prefers to be under the radar.

Theoni Papachristou
Theoni Papachristou Events & Content Coordinator

Inspired by the famous quote ‘’ great things never came from comfort zones ‘’, she wakes up every day thrilled of the great possibilities that life has to offer. She’s always in for things that arouse her inner creativity, travelling, meeting new people, listening to their stories and also help them to find their true passion in life.

Dimosthenis Ioannou
Dimosthenis Ioannou Junior Back-End Developer

A highly motivated, hard-working individual who believes in continuous learning and is ready to take on new challenges in order to move forward and help others.

Kyriaki Skreta
Kyriaki Skreta Junior Full-Stack Developer

A young and talented girl. Ready to experience life in its true dimension through work, cooperation, search, perseverance and patience. Ready for every challenge.

Cristina Tzani
Cristina Tzani Recruitment Solutions Specialist

Outgoing, results-oriented and an arts fan person who’s enjoying establishing the 1st step of a relationship between an employee and an organization. That is recruitment!

Stavroula Ziova
Stavroula Ziova Content Creator & Video Editor

Following the career path of Content Creator & Video Editor, she found another way of expressing her creativity. She enjoys taking photos and filming and her Instagram feed is the result of a well-thought plan!

Ioannis Nikolopoulos
Ioannis Nikolopoulos Recruitment Solutions Associate

Appreciates a good challenge and easily adapts to change. Always eager to learn and grow personally and professionally. Tech-savvy and a strong believer of teamwork and cooperation.

Evelina Manou
Evelina Manou Content Coordinator

Narrating stories, through written texts and documentaries. Has left unfinished many tv series while she loves to camp in the strangest places.

Anthi Vytinidi
Anthi Vytinidi Recruitment Solutions Associate

Ioanna Korkovili
Ioanna Korkovili Recruitment Solutions Associate

Her purpose is to unlock people’s potential. She is a young professional with the goal to help individuals shape their career paths.

Stratis Fotellis
Stratis Fotellis e-Learning Academies Consultant

His imperative is to work directly with individuals to enable them to elevate their game by creating their environments and experiences.

Evita Tsami
Evita Tsami

Chrysanthi Kremopoulou
Chrysanthi Kremopoulou




Team work makes the dream work.