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CollegeLink is a Hub of thousands young talented adults with a very strong academic background, extracurricular activities such as project, volunteer and employment experiences!
Motivated candidates, with high potential and determination to succeed in the job market.

Candidate Recommendations
Receive custom Candidate Recommendations that match perfectly your unique company needs! Our advanced matching algorithm will propose you the best candidates available, taking into consideration multiple key information about each candidate.
Rich & Curated Candidate Profiles
At each candidate’s profile you can find all the information you need in order to make the screening process faster and efficient. Searchable candidate Resume, Personal Summary, PDF Resume and Trust-marks based on their education and competencies.

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Highly Talented Candidates


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“Great platform, we found our candidate with minimum effort from us. Great after-sales from Ioannis too, we felt like he honestly cared for our requirements.”
George Syrmos


“Digital marketing is a sector where the recruitment of young talented people is a very frequent need. CollegeLink is one of the very few platforms that can respond more than adequately to this need and help us find very good candidates in a short time period. It has become our first choice regarding junior position recruitment.”
Nikoletta Merzioti


“We have used CollegeLink to find junior developers and the candidates that applied had skills that matched perfectly with the ones we were looking for. We really believe that CollegeLink and its team has a lot to offer in terms of recruiting and matching soft skills as well as technical skill according to the add a company posts on their platform. Finding the perfect match in a lean way is what this company is all about. I believe they have a very good chance to grow globally.”

Theodoti-Daphne Tsevreni

Clio Muse


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CollegeLink is the place where you can find the right candidates that fit on your company culture. Screen your applicants based on their hard skills and their personality attributes. And also search our database for the right candidate.

Great question! We work along side HR managers to help them source actively looking candidates who are interested in their positions. We are easy to sign up, we don’t spam, there is no hiring fees, and we provide interesting HR content in our blog.
The platform has been set in a way that requires from the candidates to spend considerable time in order to complete their CollegeLink Profile. It is a procedure that allow us to filter the candidates that are not looking intensely for work, or that are nor not ready to send their first applications.
All kinds of job positions that don’t require more than 3 years of previous experience are successfully filled through our platform. Hundreds of companies have found the right fit for them through CollegeLink’s Platform.

After your registration as a company, you fill out a brief Company Profile that candidates can use as a referral and then you publish your job post.

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