Hire via CollegeLink

In order to start using CollegeLink you have to register as a Company and fill in all the necessary fields. Following the registration you will gain access to our database and we will start looking for the best match for your opening both from our database as well as from other means of sourcing.

Join CollegeLink

To start using CollegeLink’s platform, you will need to register as a Company and fill in all the required fields in your profile. This will  give you access to our database and  allow us to send you relevant candidate recommendations.


Build your Company profile

It is recommended to fill in all required fields  in order to both create an attractive and competitive company profile and for candidates to understand the value of your company. At this point you will be asked to fill in basic information about your company, a few words about your mission and vision and finally, the reason why everyday  life at your company is awesome.


Publish your first job

At CollegeLink you can post anything from internships to senior positions. Quickly and easily enter the details of the position (e.g. type, region, requirements in bullets etc.) It will take you about 10 minutes. (Less than it takes to get coffee to the office).


Manage incoming applications

Reviewing resumes and selecting the best candidates is crucial for the recruiting process. Contact candidates through our platform.Search and filter applications by job, message or status. Pin your best applicants  so that they always appear first in the list. Add a comment visible only to you or send an assessment.


Receive Candidate Recommendations

Receive Candidate Recommendations tailored to your needs! Here at CollegeLink we aim to help each company find the perfect candidate for its hiring  needs. That is why we have created an advanced matching algorithm that recommends the best available candidates, taking into account key information about each candidate.


Search the Candidate database

The candidate database allows you to identify the best applicants. Use keywords such as location, type of job candidates are interested in, university, or any other word that may be in their profile or in their uploaded PDF resumes.


Assign Assessments

Do you need more information on the candidates and their skills? Create assessments, edit them, invite applicants, set a deadline for the assessments. Ask candidates to take a Personality Test in order to get to know them quickly and efficiently. Request Personality Profile Assessments. Get to know the candidates easily and effectively.